Major Arcana

 Based in the Rider-Waite tradition, the major Arcana cards of the Everyday Powers Tarot feature bright, rich colors and inclusive imagery. Each card bears both the traditional card name and a keyword to help both new and experienced readers draw on the empowering aspects inherent in Tarot tradition.

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Minor Arcana

The minor Arcana cards of the Everyday Powers Tarot loosely follow the Rider-Waite tradition for easy readability, and like the Majors, each card includes a keyword as a mnemonic device. In addition to the staves, pots, swords and sovereigns, Everyday Powers features a fifth suit, crystals, which corresponds to the element of Spirit.

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Court Cards

The Everyday Powers deck features a court re-imagined to emphasize character traits and community roles. The new titles – Novice, Initiate, Mentor, and Champion, deliberately step away from constructs of gender and hierarchy. Like the other cards in the deck, each court card bears both its name and a keyword to help with interpretation.

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A Journey of Self-Discovery

22 Steps to Empowerment

Book One of the Everyday Powers Tarot manuals, including in-depth examinations of each Major Arcana card, a practical daily spread and workbook pages to help you discover your own path to empowerment and transformation.

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Latest Posts

Dot Your I’s and Cross Your T’s

  • Environment: Profitable beginnings – Ace of Coins
  • Unknown: Legal judgment or advice – King of Swords
  • Known: Taking chances – Wheel of Fortune
  • Action: Use your strengths – Strength

Interpretation Summary:
You have begun on a course that has the potential to be profitable, but be sure to explore all the legalities before you take the plunge.  You’re taking a chance, and believe that fate is with you or the time is right, but there may be legal challenges or contractual issues of which you aren’t aware. Reach into yourself and play to your strengths today. You’ve got this as long as you pull yourself together and use all of your talents.

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January 2, 2016 0

Enjoy Your Competence

  • Environment: Groundwork – Two of Wands
  • Unknown: Homecoming – Four of Wands
  • Known: Inspiration – The Magician
  • Action: Contest – Five of Wands

Interpretation Summary
Your recent successes have given you a sense of accomplishment and competence that feels surprisingly comfortable. You’ve been driving yourself hard, and you’re at the point where you’re ready to actually manifest that project or idea you’ve been working on. Today, be prepared to argue for your ideas and make your case.

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March 9, 2014 0