Just Walk Away

  • Environment: King of Cups
  • Unknown: The Star
  • Known: Five of Cups
  • Action: Eight of Cups
Still waters run deep, and you’ve been letting what’s under the surface hold you back for far too long. You’ve been dwelling on your shortcomings and problems and forgotten how to trust yourself. It’s time to leave your self doubts behind and continue on your journey unencumbered.
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In the Environment position, the King of Cups suggests that you have a tendency to bury your feelings in an effort to appear emotionally balanced. While this may serve you well in many situations, it sometimes has the unfortunate effect of walling you off from emotions that help you overcome challenges.

In the Unknown position, The Star suggests that others have more belief in you than you have in yourself. The Star card represents your highest hopes and aspirations, and the confidence to reach for those dreams. When it appears in the Unknown position, the suggestion is that you’re holding yourself back from believing in your own abilities.

In the Known position, the Five of Cups indicates that you’ve been dwelling for too long on the negatives. You’re so focused on your problems and the difficulties you face that you fail to recognize the resources you possess.

Quick Recap: Today, you’re faced with a situation where you don’t trust your own abilities and confidence. Others are putting their trust in you, but you worry that you don’t have the abilities and qualities they see. In fact, you are so focused on your shortcomings that you’re not recognizing the abilities and qualities you bring to the situation.

In the Action position, the Eight of Cups is a clear call for you to walk away from your fears and self-doubts. You’ve invested a great deal of time and effort into walling off your self-confidence, perhaps to avoid being over-confident, but that wall doesn’t serve you in this situation. Recognize that you have the ability to accomplish what you need to do and leave your self-doubts behind you.

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