Seek Balance and Control

  • Environment: Ace of Cups
  • Unknown: Seven of Swords
  • Known: Three of Cups
  • Action: The Chariot
Interpretation Summary
You’ve got a creative and emotional day in store today. Part of you will want to buckle down and work hard on your project. Another part of you will crave companionship and collaboration. Both of those things are important, and this is one day when you can have it all. Exert a little self-control so that you can get your work done and still enjoy the collaborative, social spirit.
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In the Environment position, the Ace of Cups suggests that today will be an emotional day for you. This ace often represents love, happiness and creativity. It’s a good day to tackle problems that call for intuition or thinking outside the box.

In the Unknown position, Seven of Swords suggests that someone may be trying to get away with something. They may be trying to cheat you, or they may simply be doing things of which you are unaware. This card often crops up when someone is intent on doing something on their own, either because they don’t trust others or because they want to keep total control of the process. If you’re working on something on your own, it may be important to look at your motivations for doing so. Are you trying to get away with something? Do you not trust others to do their part or do you simply prefer having control over a project from start to finish? In this position, the seven may also suggest that you should be working on your own.

In the Known position, the Three of Cups represents harmonious interactions with friends and family. This is a day when you’ll want to draw on the love and support of collegial connections — co-workers, friends, sorors or others with whom you feel comfortable and at home. .

Quick Recap: Today, you may be faced with a conflict between needing to work on your own and your desire for contact and communication with friends and family.

In the Action position, The Chariot is the card of exerting control over your emotional and intellectual self in order to make them work together in harmony. You can have both your solitary work and your collaboration, as long as you maintain control over yourself. 

 *** Correspondence Notes ***

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