Put Energy to Good Use

  • Environment: Ace of Swords
  • Unknown: Ten of Cups
  • Known: Ace of Wands
  • Action: The Knight of Swords
Interpretation Summary.

You’re really in the zone today. Not only have you figured out how to get something done, you’ve got the energy to actually accomplish what you set out to do. Don’t waste the day. Turns out that whatever you do today will also turn out well for your loved ones.

In the Environment position, the Ace of Swords signifies an environment of great mental clarity. You’re just beginning to play with a new idea, concept or way of thinking, and you have the state of mind and the energy to follow it through. You may have made a breakthrough on a new way of dealing with a thorny problem, or finally figured out how to make something work.

In the Unknown position, the Ten of Cups signifies an unexpectedly good day with the people you consider family. This ten implies fulfillment and happiness, not just familial security and stability. At its simplest, you can expect a fun day with your family. In the longer term, this card may suggest that the things you do today will eventually lead to the kind of happiness you want for your family and yourself.

In the Known position, the Ace of Wands suggests that you’re fired up and ready to go today. Your enthusiasm for your project inspires you to move forward and get things done. You’ve got a lot of energy and the inspiration to put it to good use.

Quick Recap: You’re really in the zone today. You’ve got the clarity of mind to recognize what needs doing and the enthusiasm to actually do it. What you don’t realize — yet — is that your actions today have the potential to lead to a better, happier life for the people you love.

In the Action position, the Knight of Swords urges you to grab hold of your idea and go with it. This isn’t the time to second-guess yourself and over-analyze the situation. Jump in feet first and go as far as your inspiration will carry you.

 *** Correspondence Notes ***

A pair of aces suggests a lot of raw energy ready to be used. The potential is there, and it’s up to you to put it to use. 

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