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September 11, 2018 1

Dot Your I’s and Cross Your T’s

Environment: Profitable beginnings – Ace of Coins Unknown: Legal judgment or advice – King of Swords Known: Taking chances – Wheel of Fortune Action: Use your strengths – Strength Interpretation SummaryYou have begun on a course that has the potential to be profitable, but be sure to explore all the legalities before you take the…
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January 2, 2016 0

A Sneak Peek – Everday Powers Tarot

For years, I’ve dreamed of creating and publishing my own Tarot deck, incorporating the lessons I’ve learned about reading and empowerment along the way. The deck has developed in fits and starts over the course of nearly a decade, but the last few months, it has taken on a life of its own. It took…
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January 2, 2016 0

Enjoy Your Competence

Environment: Boldness – Two of Wands Unknown: Contentment – Four of Wands Known: Inspiration – The Magician Action: Contest – Five of Wands Interpretation SummaryYour recent successes have given you a sense of accomplishment and competence that feels surprisingly comfortable. You’ve been driving yourself hard. Today is a good day to relax and refresh yourself…
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March 9, 2014 0

Explore Partnerships

Environment: Decision – Two of Swords Unknown: Chance – Wheel of Fortune Known: Leadership – King of Wands Action: Partnership – Two of Cups Interpretation SummaryYou find yourself on the horns of a dilemma, facing two choices that are neither ideal. While you’re managing to keep things in balance without making a choice, you may…
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March 8, 2014 0

Dare to Share Responsibility

Environment: Self-Interest – Five of Swords Unknown: Responsibility – Ten of Wands Known: Leadership – King of Wands Action: Creativity – Page of Wands Interpretation SummaryYou’ve experienced betrayal in the past and your current position is one of wary self-interest. You have a bold new idea or project and you fear losing control over it.…
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March 7, 2014 0

Practice Patience

Environment: Hasty Actions – The Knight of Wands Unknown: Decisions – The Two of Swords Known: Mastery – The Three of Pentacles Action: Patience – The Eight of Pentacles Interpretation SummaryYou’re excited and ready to forge ahead, but the time may not be right. Consider all the consequences carefully before making a move and let…
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March 6, 2014 0

Seek a Mentor

Environment: Inspiration – The Magician Unknown:  Perspective – The Five of Cups Known: Nurture – The Empress Action: Initiation – The Heirophant Interpretation SummaryWhile your original inspiration may not be completely practical, all is not lost. With the proper perspective and careful nurturing, you have a project that’s ready for a limited introduction. Talk to…
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March 5, 2014 0

Immerse Yourself in Practice

Environment: Strength – Integration Unknown: The Hermit – Internalization Known: The Moon – Illumination Action: Eight of Pentacles – Practice Interpretation Summary You’ve reached the point where you understand that your body, mind and heart must work together, but you’ve yet to internalize the process to make it instinctive. You’ve been letting your fears and…
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March 4, 2014 0

Talk It Out

Environment: The Hanged Man Unknown: Death Known: Ace of Cups Action: Page of Cups Interpretation Summary On tap today: lots of hard work. You may have to forego something you enjoy in order to reach your goals. You may find yourself unexpectedly saying goodbye to something or someone as you discover new emotions and friendships/partnerships…
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March 3, 2014 0