About the Court Names

In creating the Everyday Powers Tarot court cards, I realized that the traditional court names – and many of the non-traditional ones – are anchored to gender norms and roles that exclude many people, and tied to a heirarchal power structure rather than one that supports community and cooperation. The suit names went through numerous iterations, with my interpretation and understanding of them developing with each new change and challenge. The final choices – Novice, Initiate, Mentor, and Champion – are both decoupled from gender roles and not representative of a power structure. Instead, they describe roles within the community, with the implicit understanding that no role is subservient to any other role, and each of us takes on different roles in different situations.

About the Images

Among the joys of creating Everyday Powers Tarot was the chance to honor some very inspiring people in my life. Each court card began with a person I know who embodies the characteristics of both the suit and the role reflected in that card. Some are community activists; some are poets; some are family members or friends who live their lives and conduct their business in ways that reflect different forms of empowerment. Out of respect for their privacy, I won’t name them publicly. I’ll only say that each of them is a gift to the community and the world would be a lesser place without their influence.


Everyday Powers Tarot Court Cards