Reach Out for Help

  • Environment: Three of Pentacles
  • Unknown: Ace of Swords
  • Known: Queen of Wands
  • Action: King of Cups
Interpretation Summary.
You’ve got a lot of work on your plate today, but it’s pleasurable, creative work. To make it even more pleasant, you’ll find yourself focused and in the zone today — and you may even make connections that have eluded you, giving you the solution to a thorny problem. Your enthusiasm for your task is likely to inspire a similar enthusiasm in others who could be useful in reaching your goal. Reach out to a mentor or teacher with whom you have a reassuring and comfortable relationship. He or she will help you find the solutions you need.

In the Environment position, the three of pentacles suggests that you’ll be engrossed in your work today. This particular three is the card of the master craftsman, implying that the work you do today will be beyond the level of practice and drudge work. Rather, you’ll be working at a higher level to deliver a masterpiece in your chosen metier.

In the Unknown position, the Ace of Swords indicates that you’ll be possessed with a surprising clarity of thought today. If you’ve been wrestling with a thorny problem or trying to figure out how to make something work, it may suddenly come to you in a flash of inspiration. It’s not magical — you’ve just finally figured out how to connect all the pieces.

In the Known position, the Queen of Wands recognizes that you’re truly inspired to do your work today. Your enthusiasm fuels your ability to work long and hard, and is likely to spark similar enthusiasm in others around you. Let your energy guide you — and don’t be afraid to let others see it. They may be inspired to jump in and give you a hand.

Quick Recap: You’re working hard at something you love doing today. If you’ve run into snags and problems up to now, you may find that a different perspective shows you the solution you need. Your enthusiasm shows, and it may inspire others to help or to start similar projects of their own.

In the Action position, the King of Cups represents a calm, compassionate and reassuring person with some authority in your life. Reach out to an old teacher, mentor or boss for help or advice. It may be the key you need to unlock your full potential.

 *** Correspondence Notes ***

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