Nurture Your Dreams

  • Environment: The Empress – Nurture
  • Unknown: The Queen of Wands – Inspired Energy
  • Known: The Three of Wands – Return on Investment
  • Action: The Seven of Cups – Big Dreams
Interpretation Summary
The situation today is pregnant, if not actually then metaphorically. You’ve sown the seeds and taken the first steps toward giving birth to your new creation and now it’s a waiting game. You may not realize it yet, but your efforts have been noticed and they’re already paying off. Just remember that taking a break is good for everyone. Today, relax, take care of yourself, and give yourself permission to dream big dreams.

In the Environment position, the Empress indicates that you’re in a nurturing mindset. You may be putting in time on the actual child-rearing front, but your “children” could as well be your poems, your websites or any other creative endeavors.The Empress card’s appearance in the environment position might also indicate a need to mother yourself.

In the Unknown position, the Queen of Wands hints that your enthusiasm and drive are inspiring, not only to yourself but to others as well. Remember that others look to you as a role model, though, and be sure you’re sending the messages you intend to send.

In the Known position, the Three of Wands represents a return on your investment. You’ve put in time and labor, and you’re able to start reaping rewards from the seeds you’ve sown. You’ve put yourself out there, and the world is starting to recognize your efforts.

Quick Recap: Like a mother or a gardener, you’re carefully nurturing your “children” and preparing them to take on a life of their own. Keep in mind that part of being a mother is being a role model, and others have learned how to behave and react from you. You’re starting to see some results from your careful tending as your efforts gain some recognition from others.

In the Action position, the Seven of Cups gives you permission to slack off a little and daydream about the future. There are limitless possibilities ahead, and if you never imagine them, you can never make them come to pass. So, go ahead and dream today — dream big, and let your imagination run wild.

 *** Correspondence Notes ***

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