Talk It Out

  • Environment: The Hanged Man
  • Unknown: Death
  • Known: Ace of Cups
  • Action: Page of Cups
Interpretation Summary

On tap today: lots of hard work. You may have to forego something you enjoy in order to reach your goals. You may find yourself unexpectedly saying goodbye to something or someone as you discover new emotions and friendships/partnerships emerging. Communicate those feelings openly to the people that matter.


In the Environment position, the The Hanged Man represents sacrifice. While many think of sacrifice as a dirty word, the reality is that it’s no more than the price you pay for having goals. Think of it as paying you dues, the practice and service you perform to achieve success and acquire status in you chosen m├ętier.
In the Unknown position, Death strongly suggests an unexpected ending. Don’t let the Death card spook you — it far more often represents the ending of a situation than it does an actual death. Sometimes in order to move on to other things, you need to release your old habits, attitudes or relationships. In this position, there’s a suggestion that you hadn’t considered this aspect, or hadn’t expected it to come so soon.
In the Known position, the Ace of Cups suggests a growing awareness of new emotions that have the potential to grow into something more. While many readers think of Cups as dealing strictly with personal relationships and romantic partnerships, they can deal with all sorts of emotions and relationships, including business and your relationship with yourself.

Quick Recap: You’re in the midst of a period of hard work, where your focus on a goal is impacting other areas of your life. You may find yourself facing the unexpected end of a situation or relationship because of this. At the same time, you’re becoming aware of new feelings and desires that have the potential to become something more important in your life.

In the Action position, Page of Cups is a reminder that communication is important. Talk to the important people in your life and let them know where you are, what you’re thinking and how you feel. By opening the lines of communication, you may heal old relationships and/or set new ones on the right path.

*** Correspondence Notes ***

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