Immerse Yourself in Practice

  • Environment: Strength – Integration
  • Unknown: The Hermit – Internalization
  • Known: The Moon – Illumination
  • Action: Eight of Pentacles – Practice
Interpretation Summary

You’ve reached the point where you understand that your body, mind and heart must work together, but you’ve yet to internalize the process to make it instinctive. You’ve been letting your fears and self-doubt block you from learning what you need to know. Put your doubts aside and practice until your muscles memorize the necessary processes.

In the Environment position, the Strength suggests that today is about integrating the lessons you’ve learned until they become natural. This card is about internal strength and fortitude, about mind and body working together to accomplish your goals.

In the Unknown position, The Hermit indicates that while you might understand this intellectually, you’ve yet to internalize the lesson so that it becomes a part of you. Doing that may require that you take time away from distractions to focus on your studies, or that you may need to seek out a teacher to show you the way.

In the Known position, the Moon hints at where the blockage lies. You’re subconsciously sabotaging your own progress by letting your own doubts and fears block the lessons you need to learn. You may believe you’re not smart enough to understand, or you may suspect that you’re not as talented as you pretend to be. As long as you harbor these doubts, you’ll have trouble accomplishing what you set out to do.

Quick Recap: Bringing desires, will and ability together takes focus and time. You may be trying to rush the process or sabotaging your efforts to achieve something by telling yourself you’re not capable of doing it. You may need to get away from things that distract you so that you can focus on the work you need to do.

In the Action position, the Eight of Pentacles suggests that your best course today is to focus completely on your tasks, no matter how mindless or mundane they may be. The Eight is the card of the apprentice, who learns his craft by sheer repetition, completing the same pattern again and again until he can do it in his sleep. There are no shortcuts to this kind of muscle memory. You have to put in the work.

 *** Correspondence Notes ***

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