Everyday Powers Tarot: A Journey of Self-Discovery

Everyday Powers Tarot: A Journey of Self Discovery is a two-part companion book to the Everyday Powers tarot deck. The first part of the book is 22 Steps to Empowerment, and covers the major arcana cards. The second part is Signposts on the Path to Empowerment. In addition, I want to condense it all into an LWB — the little white book that comes with the deck and usually just contains meanings/interpretations.

Someday I Will Learn to Love Writing Poetry folks: you can flip through the books here on the blog, or download/open them in your preferred PDF viewer. At this point, both books are mostly design template, though there is a little content actually written. I’d love input on design style, readability, cover design, etc., as well as any questions/topics you think I should address in the preface/foreword/intro etc parts. What would you like to see in a companion book to a new tarot deck?

Everyday Powers Tarot: 22 Steps to Empowerment

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Everyday Powers Tarot: Signposts on the Road to Empowerment

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